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High Glass providing cleaning services for both internal, external window cleaning and painting with building maintenance. Check out our reasonable prizes for cleaning facilities.

We do some effort and that is confidential given below:

Glass cleaning, Step ladders/ladders, Mobile fixed scaffolding, Wire rope electro-mechanical suspended platform, and Elevated work platform, Buildings maintenance unit. 


We are positioned in Auckland. Our high glass services are also accessible to Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. Our Staff are registered in the relevant NZQA and Industry packages so that they become fully capable and well versed fit skilled works, certified in the following Work at Tallness Access methods. We are gave more position to safety.


After construction managers need major external face-lifts, repairs they trust their projects handled thousands of projects just like yours. Whether your painting, waterproofing and coating or repair needs are high on top of the building, ground below or any surface in between, our trained coatings and repairs experts have the expertise and quality control processes to bring you results you need 

Interior painting and repair services

Exterior coating and renovation services

Roof coating, window caulking, door and windows replacement, high end decoration painting, water damage repair replace, drywall repair and siding replacement.

Internal window cleaning tips

High classes provide high end business to customer services at stature.

Remove any erected up dust

Start by washing your windows with a sponge

Wipe of the excess water

Remove any remaining water

Wash windows on a cloudy day

Clean your windows twice a year

High internal dusting and cleaning

Normally our work is approved out inside the building and way our services varieties from small jobs to air-conditioning vent cleaning with sustenance of step rankings through large project like dusting cleaning. Home renovation can get messy fast, prevent big messes from accruing in the first place. Clean as you go or clean up efficiently with these tips for specialized.

·         Drive dust outside with a fan

·         Protected finished flooring with hardboard

·         Cover up air ducts

·         Make a plastic passage

Internal building maintenance at height

We provide range of services that water blasting to the exterior glass, various windows cleaning services. The reason is simple, we are authorities in working at height and London simply has more tall buildings than anywhere else, commercial abseiling is the most effective solutions to construction maintenance on these structures.

Building wash services Auckland

Building constructions and maintenance condition repair, we provide conservation buildings. Washing and cleaning service to interior and exterior glass windows also we do plumbing and roof washing, gutter preservation and landscape. House wash painting provides an excellent service. We have used for both profitable and housing work. The consideration to detail and finished creation was brilliant and endorse communicating for your home or brilliants. We have the best quality house wash and paint services. Se strives to give you a reasonable price. We offer a free assessment and no obligation quote for your residential or commercial needs. Whatever you’re interior and exterior requirement’s we have professional values and knowledge to safeguard you end up with your wanted results.  

Exterior building maintenance and construction assistance

We provide wide range of building skill include glazing and plumbing and other building help.  Our expertise extends beyond the roof to the entire exterior building envelope. In adding to transporting services devoted to exterior upkeep, we also are able to identify and address issues. We can classify dampness or leakage problems that might be mistakenly attributed to the roof in its place of another point in the external building structure.

Our services

Building life safety, concrete deck repairs, window sealant replacement and repair, cleaning and application of water repellants, masonry restoration, replacement, roof access ladders, fall protection, heat and smoke vent replacement, custom made details, gravel stop, coping etc…

Our services including for:

Windows cleaning services, Concrete repairs, Construction cleaning, Pressure washing services, Painting solutions, Specialty services, design build, program management, disaster response, snow removal, roof placement, emergency services, general contractor, paint removal, historical restoration, sealant caulking, water proofing, façade maintained,  lead paint, cleaning, building maintained and cleaning services,

Clean, repair or replacement

Drains, ground gutters, surface channels, the fixing for downspouts and gutters,

It can be beneficial to fit proprietary plastic leaf guard to gutters and above downspouts, also regular painting of cast iron gutters and downspouts is important to prevent rust.


No matter where or when your tiling services needs occur, We have got you covered operations include tile 1 roofing servicers with over 120 service sites and eight thousand workers countrywide.

We are not roof consultants; however we participate in best carry out in the roofing industry

We will reuse good insulation when a new roof system being installed. Install thermoplastic polyolefin, we are involved solar arrays re roof projects throughout. We have been involved in recycling PVC, ISO. We help clients secure pace financing in states where funding is available.

Structure maintenance

The exterior walls, doors, trim and window casings of every structure and accessory building should be structurally sound and kept painted and or coated to prevent decay. Paint should be lead free, exteriors should be free or wrecked or impracticable windows stone or peeling paint or other circumstances that reflect desperation. Design arrangements must be designed to remove comprehensible negative influences on surrounding properties.

We provide a range of construction skills including glazing bird control systems etc..,

High class services

Interior exterior window cleaning,

Building washing,

House washing,

Difficult access cleaning and maintenance,

Installation of fall arrest and fall restraint systems,

High internal dusting, cleaning and maintenance,

Roof washing and gutter cleaning,

High glass cleaning and maintenance limited was founded in 1982, incorporated eight years later in 1990. Our office located in lv 2, 80 main road, kumeu 0810, waimauku, Auckland, New Zealand.

Exterior window cleaning, our company provides cleaning  services at height, roof washing services, gutter cleaning both through an integrated support framework for commercial cleaning services provided.

High glass also undertakes ground based water blasting and work Step ladders,

Wire rope electro mechanical suspended platforms, mobile and fixed scaffolding, rope access and abseiling, building maintenance units, elevated work platforms.


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window cleaning services
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